Build a Team – But Who?

Some of you may have read the first part to this blog:  “The #1 Thing You Need To Thrive In Ministry.” In this follow-up post, I wanted to address the who of your team.

First Team Member: God 
This may seem so obvious it isn’t worth mentioning, but your number one team member needs to be God–a true relationship developed with Christ. Being intentional about your own genuine relationship with God isn’t easy! The pull of “studying for this” and “leading that Bible study” and reading Bible-based devotionals or books is all well and good, but if it’s replacing your actual relationship with God, it is doing more harm than good. (You’ll know this is the case for you if you feel disconnected from the Vine. You may feel a little lost or feel an unsettled or fearful heart.)

Second Team Member: Your Husband 
If you are married, your relationship is designed to reflect God’s character, order, and design of oneness. If you are not married, this part doesn’t apply. However, no matter, we must seek to honor marriage and hold it in high esteem helping those around us to honor their marriages, too. The amount of ministry couples dealing with significant marriage problems is astounding. There is no way to lead well if you do not have a healthy marriage first. This means dates nights aren’t optional–they are a must. Your marriage is more important than any meeting, any person, or any program in your church. Only you will make your marriage a priority, so take ownership and do so.

Third Team Member: Yourself 
Yes, you are the only one who will make the daily decisions that will make (or break) you. Every day you make choices towards health or towards self-sabotage, and no one but you can change that. Your attitude, your physical health, your nutrition, and how you spend your time all are parts of your life that make up your regular routines and habits. Every day, you are choosing your habits and your habits are making you. How are you supporting your own success in those areas?

After those three important team members, here are a few others to consider:

A Cheerleader
You know that famous scene in Facing the Giants when the coach asks the student to do the bear crawl with another student on his back? This scene is a perfect picture of ministry life. We are given an incredible task–to carry and to bear with other people. Often these people are very heavy and our task feels like it is to carry them to the finish line. Do you think that student would have crossed the line without hearing and tuning into the voice of a cheerleader who was in his face? His cheerleader was yelling, encouraging, and constantly assuring him, “You can do this!” and, “Don’t give up! Just a little farther.” (I was so convicted by this scene a year ago, that it was the driving force that pushed me over the edge to begin to pursue a certification in Biblical Life Coaching!)

If you don’t have a “cheerleader” in your life, pay someone to be one. Some of the most thriving people walking this earth right now are paying someone who is behind the scenes, cheering for them and being a safe place of reprieve when life gets to be too much.

A Physical Doctor
I prefer an integrative doctor, one who believes in looking at the whole person and assessing all body systems (including adrenal and endocrine). Often, what feels and manifests itself as “a whole lot of crazy” is an imbalance in hormones or poor diet. A wise doctor will know how to assess all symptoms and be willing to go on a deep dive until he or she can uncover the reasons behind some of the outward symptoms if or when this becomes an issue.

A Counselor
Yes, everyone needs a counselor. The exciting thing is that for those in ministry, there are actual cost-effective options now! (I’ll be linking to some soon!)

These sometimes come in the form of good books. Other times, they come in the form of online courses or programs. Learning from others can also come in the form of a Bible study in a different church where no one knows who you are and you can just be yourself.


There are a lot of options when it comes to “team members.” As you build your own team, think through your personal needs and who might be the first person you need to think about adding.

Don’t know your own personal needs? Let’s chat!
I can help walk you through the process of identifying your top needs. Then you’ll be able to best decide who you can add to your team to help you thrive, live and serve in FULL-OUT JOY!


Who is on YOUR team?

Encourage one another and build each other up...

I Thessalonians 5:11

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