Journey to Joy

About The Journey

Bitter. . . Unfulfilled. . . Discontent. . . Lost.

Whatever you call it, you know in your heart you’ve lost the joy of the Lord that you once had. Maybe life has thrown you a curve-ball and you’re still standing there, shocked, with the bat on your shoulder.  Maybe a tsunami of a diagnoses or loss has overtaken your life and there’s nothing left in the wake. Or maybe, it is just the slow-fade from living an “ALL FOR YOU, LORD!” life to a “bleh, I don’t know why, but I’ve just lost joy, Lord. Where are you?”

Let me invite you into more. 

By signing up below, you will be sent my 6-day “Journey to Joy Guide.” For 6 (short) days, I’ll guide you through the book of Philippians and invite you to focus on taking purposeful steps towards joy; joy that is found outside your circumstances while looking up at our Abba Father. This is the joy Paul often experienced during his trials; shipwrecked, imprisoned, stoned, thrown out of towns, a man without a home…and yet he experienced the joy of the Lord, given by God’s very own hand.

And you can, too!

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What You'll Get

  • The Journey to Joy Guidebook
  • Beautifully crafted printable wall art of Psalm 16:11
  • Daily emails to encourage and share a small bit of teaching
  • Multiple coaching tools to help you process and uncover some hidden obstacles to joy
  • New found joy! If you do the work, I promise you’ll uncover a new sense of joy outside of your circumstances. This is the best benefit of all!