My Best Investments of 2020

Sometimes it’s helpful to look back over the year and answer a few questions. This year, I’m asking a few different questions than I’ve asked before and I think they are worth everyone’s reflection.

What was my WORST placed investment of time, energy, or money this past year?

Right away a decision comes to mind that at the time screamed “SHINY OBJECT!” It was a course that promised to be my “one-stop solution” to help meet all my business needs at the time. In all fairness to the course and creator, it was all very valuable material! Well, at least what I could finish of the course! Which leads me to… What about you?


Why was it a poor investment?


I began to realize that this investment wasn’t worthwhile for me because I couldn’t find the time to utilize all it offered no matter how I tried to rearrange my life. While it was a very valuable course that DID answer many of my questions in business, I simply had said “YES!” to the right thing at the wrong time! Unless this product/service was going to come do my work for me or make supper while I did my work, it wasn’t a good investment for this season.


So then…

What was my BEST investment?

Coaching. HANDS DOWN. And coaching from several sources – but around different topics. (Having two coaches around the same topic is a disaster waiting to happen and would move this choice to falling under the answer to #1. More about this in a different article!)


 Why was it the best investment?

Coaching brings ME out. It helps me see my thoughts objectively. From there, I can sort out what is TRUTH and what is NOT truth. The importance of this can not be overstated because what we think —–> how we feel —-> what we decide to act on.


What we think is everything!

My coaches have helped me sort out lies, assumptions, half-truths, foggy-brain-syndrome and any other negative/unhelpful kind of thinking so that I can renew my mind and focus on what God is calling me to do right now. They’ve called me back time and time again to the very next step and helped me avoid running ahead. They’ve called me to reconsider my values, strengths, talents, and priorities in light of all of these. They’ve also called me to rest and to view it as the source of Life as God works to finish all things in and through me, not me. Without my coaches, I would not have begun the life-changing process of truly “taking every thought captive” and submitting it to God’s timeless Truth. The battle of the mind cannot be overstated! And we need helpers to help us sort out our own because we are so adept at tricking ourselves into believing what we think is the right way, the only way, the best way. Oh, Sister, this is so wrong. And a good coach helps us by offering good questions with blameless discernment in the process of fighting for right thinking. 



...and take every thought captive to obey Christ,

2 Corinthians 10:5

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